Giacometti said “the object of art is to reproduce reality but to create a reality of the same intensity”.  I believe that this is the underlying principle that guides my work as a creator of paintings.  Like music, my work strives to express a balance within the composition, a rythm of painterly brushwork, and dissident moods and feelings among the subject matter. 


As both a Parisian and a New Yorker, painting has always been for me an escape from the frenzied urban landscape to more serene environments that invite contemplation and rejuvenation. 


With my new rabbit series, I'm looking to mix the delicate beauty and grace of nature, but in unexpected ways.  Subtle brushwork and coloration are ever-present in my paintings, highlighting the whimsical, the unusual, the ironic with vivid contrast and detail.  These paintings bring me back to the innocence of French childhood, while also integrating themes of family and individuality.